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Let’s duck around in Bioshock – part 9 – Arcadia will rise again!

  • Ducky 

After ravaging Arcadia Ryan should have known, that it’s not good for oxygen supplies of the Rapture. Oh well. I think we really did them all a favor by restoring Arcadia to its former glory. Even though we had to kill pretty much everyone in sight.

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

1:00 – We’re not evil maniacs
2:35 – A lot of pictures have been taken today
4:12 – And it’s time to kill Big Daddy
8:35 – Meeting Commitee
17:47 – Not the bees!
20:14 – Ravaging beehives
29:16 – Ravaging the distillery
29:38 – Triple hack!
34:28 – An obvious trap
36:35 – The oldest trick in the book
43:04 – Back to the control room
44:11 – Here comes the sploicers
50:09 – Arcadia will live

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