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Duck in Fallout 4 (3)

  • Ducky 

Sgt. Duck McDuckson decided to abandon those commies, who decided to live in the ruins of Sanctuary and explore the wastes. But, like always in these days, death and more death awaited the brave sarge. And lousy aim. Everything was grim and gloomy until Duck met Brotherhood of Steel.

1:07 – Encounter with bugs
1:54 – Encounter with ghouls
5:05 – Meeting Wayne Gorsky
7:06 – Encountering Gunners
10:14 – Running away from Gunners
14:33 – Recieving the transmission on military frequency
15:49 – Entering Ghoul-town (College square)
23:55 – Ghouls are dead
25:09 – Very beautiful crit
25:30 – Chat with Paladin Danse

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