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Let’s duck around in Bioshock – part 1 – Jack be nimble

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Jack survived an air crush just to be stranded in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and discover a lighthouse where we follow him on his genocidal journey to the Rapture: impossible city under water. In vain hope to stay alive and have a tolerable outcome.

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

3:17 – Entering the Lighthouse
5:17 – Bathisphere journey
7:49 – Warm welcome to Rapture
10:55 – Weapon aquired
12:30 – Jack be jamming random needles in his hands
21:38 – First hallucination
24:26 – Meeting little Sister
25:42 – And Big Daddy
30:17 – It’s a trap!

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