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Let’s duck around in Bioshock – part 10 – Con Artist

When we just thought, that it’s time to visit Andrew Ryan, we are again interrupted by some maniac with his own view on things around. And guess what we have to do to make him happy (dead) so he let us go further? Of course kill more people. But at least I didn’t have to solve much puzzles here.

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

2:00 – Leaving Arcadia
3:43 – Armed robbery is not tolerated here
6:02 – Missed the bathisphere
7:05 – Spider-splicers everywhere
9:17 – Making ourselves at home in alien atrium
15:20 – Upgrading machine gun and testing it
18:08 – An obvious trap
20:44 – Looking for Houdini splicer
22:45 – Mr. Cohen decided to nag at Jack
24:07 – Calling an elevator is such a mess
25:02 – Short life of Fitzpatrick
26:43 – Unexpected death
27:34 – Final photo of Fitzpatrick
32:10 – I start to hate Cohen
34:58 – Poseidon Plaza
36:24 – I was frozen today!
38:18 – One con-artist is dead
39:47 – First Big Daddy
43:23 – Second Big Daddy
47:47 – Farewell words

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