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Let’s duck around in Bioshock – part 13 – It’s in your head!

The 13-th part is the unlucky one too. We have a lot of death here and nearly as much failed hacks. But at least we are moving to the freedom of will, freedom of choice and unnecessary violence in between. (Heart emote)

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

1:04 – I have a feeling, that Fontaine wants Jack dead
1:36 – Unlucky hack
3:00 – throwing my own dead body at Big Daddy untill win
7:10 – Double unlucky hack
8:25 – Resupplying myself
12:45 – Some splicers want the world spliced
14:41 – Second Big Daddy (still not a charm)
16:11 – Tremendously unsuccessful hack because of luck (followed by some unnecessary violence)
21:35 – Souchong’s apartment
28:54 – Figuring out the code
29:40 – Knock-knock. Who lives in Fontaine’s apartment now?
32:25 – Interesting effect of Antidote
37:53 – Unstable or not, I’ve got to kill the Big Daddy
43:59 – Souchong’s lab and a lot of backtracking
47:47 – Hacking, Killing splicers and Big Daddy. All at once!
51:13 – Fighting and having hallucinations is tough
52:55 – Final flight to Bathisphere

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