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Let’s duck around in Bioshock – part 7 – Arcadia… but with guns!

Helping irishman to get to his wife and son (Moira and Patrick, of course) is one thing, but seeing the luck of irish in the action is whole another. Andrew Ryan is done playing games with us, we are in for some serious stuff. We are going to get to Arcadia and go farther untill we reach the man himself, Andrew Ryan will have to face Jack. And, probably we need to do something with those flashbacks.

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

0:26 – Hack-a-camera
4:18 – Getting weapons back
4:59 – Barricaded splicer couple
5:59 – Trying to reason with the safe
6:32 – Upgrading the pistol
6:47 – Cringy hallucinations
7:43 – Flashback
9:13 – Getting drunk in the Rapture underbelly
10:19 – Revealing Ryan’s real name
10:40 – Luck of Irish
11:36 – Fighting through splicers
14:40 – Luck of Irish intensifies
15:33 – Major spoiler
16:18 – Arcadia
19:19 – Houdini splicer
27:40 – Invention Machine (that makes no sense!)
28:24 – Splicer with iron skin
29:16 – Big daddy battle

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