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Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – Finale – There is a third option

More aliens and robocops can’t stop JC from listening to Helios’ proposition at this point and somehow this maniac-sounding robot is the sanest person in the room, because Tracer with the idea of downshifting humanity to Middle ages or Everett with the idea of downshifting to 20-th century both sound like a slackers at this point. And good thing that Paul is there to encourage us, that he knows, JC will choose right. He always does.

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

1:55 – Coming to Helios Core
3:18 – Dialogue with Helios
6:11 – Friendly robots
7:16 – More friends!
9:50 – Sniping my way through
11:04 – We have to deal with greys
14:45 – I am the LAW
17:41 – Paul is here to encourage us
21:25 – Brother Alex!
23:00 – More aliens!
30:13 – Bob’s inner sanctum
30:52 – Dialogue with Bob
39:32 – Hacking my way to the routers
42:49 – Helios, here I come
44:17 – Credits
50:14 – Familiar names started to appear

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