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Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 10 – We’re getting back on track

Realistic Difficulty!

Knowing, that you are on the wrong path is the first step to speping to the right one. We raid the armory at the naval base for a while and go find the super-freighter. Which just happens to be in the place nearby. We encounter MJ12 agents and regular sailors guarding the ship and it becomes pretty hard to stay on track and don’t loose all the ammo. But who are we to give up? Right, people? People?..

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

1:20 – Breaking News – Gunther is a Psycho
8:34 – We found a sewer
10:50 – Weird glitch
13:45 – First look outside
22:34 – I understand where to go and what code to use
25:07 – Friendly face
29:40 – Going in the ship
35:20 – Solid plan
37:30 – Went wrong
41:06 – Strike like a wasp!
45:43 – Proof of concept
49:15 – Another solid plan
53:26 – Story of Mr. Brave
59:30 – Going to the lower deck
1:02:39 – First weak spot found

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