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Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 12 – Crawl out through the fallout, JC

Realistic Difficulty!

Speaking to Dowd makes MJ-12 appear out of thin air. Jock inconspicuously landing makes even more jump into existence and it it wasn’t enough, I have my both legs broken. Crawling through the Paris ruins, radiation, sewers and – finally – Paris Metro makes the experience even more brutal. But We’re definitely going to make it!

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

1:00 – Gatekeeper is a strange fellow
2:52 – Mausoleum and Dowd
3:40 – Chat with Dowd
6:41 – Secret escape route
7:24 – Jock can’t land
10:47 – MJ-12 are dead and this is how I lost my legs
11:35 – Jamming device is no more
12:18 – Jock landed, but I got lost and i will suffer for this
24:27 – I managed to get to Jock!
26:16 – Paris
33:08 – Dead end and side-quest
36:05 – Song about drunken Denton
37:10 – Trying to fight rads
44:39 – I made some progress
54:45 – Hunter is on the case
57:50 – We’re closer to Catacombs than ever!
59:24 – Shifty vendor
1:08:28 – Dealing MJ-12 and their stupid robot
1:11:55 – Paris, wine and all the time in the world…

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