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Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 13 – Les catacombs de Paris

Literally first thing we manage to do in this episode – we get our feet back! Then we deal with crap ton of robocops made by MJ-12 and FEMA soldiers, that decided to siege the silhouette people (the ones we need to contact) and take some of them hostages. JC, the wonderful aquatic man of the many purposes can deliver justice swiftly and mercifully (some of the soldiers are merely sleeping). And all of that just to know, that you need to go to the sewers. Thanks, French people!

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

0:20 – I can dance!
1:54 – Side-task debriefing
5:14 – Finding the right building
6:54 – Les catacombs de Paris
8:16 – First contact
15:56 – Found the silhouette
22:47 – Hardcore hobo
31:56 – Infinltarting the bunker Heads-on
41:35 – Trying more subtle approach
45:32 – Taking care of people in the back room
1:01:29 – Preparing the escape route
1:05:15 – And they’re out
1:07:14 – I’m being sent to the sewers

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