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Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 14 – Can we call it a date?

The first thing JC intends to do after he liberated the silhouette from the oppression and right away siege of the MJ-12 – goes to Paris night club looking for a girl. (well, it’s the girl, that can help getting to Bob Paige, but nevermind) And after that they get to the personal black helicopter and fly to the Chateau of said girl. (well, even though it’s just to undermine the MJ-12 foundation) But I think we should still call it for what it is – a date!

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

0:10 – Sewers it is
1:55 – Let’s look at the street
8:27 – Cafe and Jaime
11:20 – Recepie for Coq au Vin
17:42 – Getting to the club
25:41 – Found Nicolette but we don’t know it yet
32:07 – Getting to the club back door
34:50 – Poor Gunther, poor Laputan Machine
36:35 – Breaking into the Chateau
39:15 – Getting to the locked door – elegant way
40:14 – Secret compartment
43:01 – Another secret compartment
46:34 – Cellar
46:57 – With the cellar inside the cellar
49:18 – With the secret room inside!
54:12 – Contacting Everett
58:04 – Using wits to sneak by
59:32 – Knights Templar Cathedral

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