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Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 16 – Are there aliens too?!


After JC gets to know Morgan Everett, it appears, that all the hell breaks loose! Bob Paige can contact JC to tell him that he, Bob is going to be the better version of JC. Then it appears, that Daedalus is the better version of the other AI. And that Icarus might be even more upgraded version of Daedalus. Antd on top of it all – ex-Area-51 scientists are under the lockdowwn with MJ12 Troops And JC needs to get them out. Marvellous!

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

0:50 – So you can jump back to the well!
7:24 – Icarus and Bob Paige
8:45 – There is always that one guy
13:06 – Secret diary in a weirdest place
15:22 – Contact, that can lead to Everett
16:26 – Who’s side are you on, Icarus?
17:50 – I know this place
19:38 – Morgan Everett
24:27 – Alex!
29:07 – Suspicious things in the hangar
30:19 – Jock should be more careful
31:15 – Across Atlantic again
33:47 – Glitching the camera off
35:47 – Unintentional checking face-first
44:40 – Getting LAM to the face
46:30 – First switch override
47:12 – Unexpected guys were expecting me
48:10 – My home!
50:00 – Epic fight with robocops
53:13 – Getting to know one MJ12 unit a bit too close
55:25 – Snipers are dummies
56:40 – Second switch override
1:02:26 – Dealing with robots
1:05:02 – And one soldier
1:07:05 – That one scared me
1:08:46 – Robots are destroyed, scientists are free
1:11:30 – Friendly robots are free too
1:13:23 – Healing is important

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