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Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 2 – Bumbling through the objectives

The most versatile man in the whole UNATCO, JC Denton, bumbles around the mission maps and makes sure the situations are solved in one or another way. This time we lost 2 civilians to the terrorists, but infiltrated the highly secured bunker in the best Bond traditions

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

4:53 – Getting to the city
5:56 – I found weird box and it appeared to be a super secret hatch
11:09 – We meet the alarm
14:51 – We have found how hacking works
16:10 – Located the Ambrosia
17:30 – Some street urchin
20:15 – Bragging in fron of Navarra
22:51 – Funny hobo I found
24:18 – Clearing out Metro station
31:45 – Going to meet Paul on the whole another station
36:55 – Operation in the Hotel (not very good one)
38:49 – Funny way to deal with the terrorist
41:05 – Paul’s room
47:56 – Terrorist tried to attack me
49:35 – Result of the operation in the Hotel
50:10 – Taking non-public way to rooftops
53:33 – Rooftops
57:50 – The time I nearly tilted
1:04:00 – Getting to the bunker
1:03:39 – Blowing up the generator
1:04:47 – Using black helicopter to escape

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