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Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 6 – But who is Daedalus?

Realistic Dificulty!

JC Denton couldn’t escaape the detention without mysterious Daedalus. But, then again, JC is still one man army since he could get his gear back, kill tons of people and even make evil walking robot go rogue. And all of that to save himself and Paul so they both can fly to Honk Kong at find Tracer Tong.

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

0:15 – Getting first weapon
3:16 – Setting people free
6:47 – Daedalus calls again
10:58 – Infiltrating Command center
16:00 – trying to find my way around
19:10 – Infiltrating the robot maintenance control room
26:20 – Letting rogue robot loose
31:48 – Robot maintenance passed
33:15 – Armory
42:42 – Leaving the wing of the building
44:43 – Nanotech lab
53:36 – To the containment chamber
56:20 – Gentlemen, we’ve found him
1:01:12 – Trying out sniper rifle
1:05:10 – Getting out of here
1:10:03 – Meeting Alex again
1:13:20 – Runing for freedom!
1:15:15 – I can’t leave this container!

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