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Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 7 – Tracer Tong, nice to meet you

Realistic Difficulty!

Finally we get to Hong Kong but there is a problem – we didn’t get to the safe place – we got to Majestic 12 HQ. Now we have to escape it and finally meet Tracer Tong. But first, let’s solve the disputes between Triads in the Hong Kong. Because we have less than 12 hours to live after all, why not use this time to the fullest and have a time of our life in the night club? But that’s fine since we finally meet Tracer Tong.

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

1:02 – In Hong Kong
7:31 – Surprise!
15:13 – Jock is free
19:33 – I’m left clueless
21:20 – Trying to kill everyone
26:29 – Barracks massacre
35:28 – It’s over, JC. They are all dead
38:16 – Finally I’m out of here
38:50 – Wait a minute! Daedalus?!
41:21 – Got the new quest to save myself
42:50 – Greeting committee
45:40 – Chow’s Penthouse
50:15 – At this moment maid’s nerves gave in
52:29 – Hello, Secret door!
54:39 – Got the sword
57:34 – Perfect place for scum and villainy
59:55 – Meeting with Mafia boss
1:01:01 – And then the hell breaks loose
1:07:55 – Meeting Tracer Tong

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