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Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 8 – How more obvious can you be?

Realistic Difficulty! The trials of JC Denton continue to be more and more elaborate This time before we are free to go, we need to help Tracer Tong (who appears to be a conspirologist) to establish peace between 2 Triads by stealing very sensitive data from VersaLife. But that’s actually not enough for him, Then he wants JC to go back to VersaLife and get the data concerning the Ambrosia and Grey Death itself. It would be infuriating – to be Tracer’s personal army, but Daedalus wants him to destroy the device tht produces Grey Death itself. On the other hand, we die several times,. find out about the sword we stole from Ms Chow and finally get out of VersaLife (hopefully for good)

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

1:05 – Healing powewrs of electric shock
8:55 – VersaLife, 1
10:15 – Very stupid death
12:51 – Corrupt workers are the best
16:16 – Another person just for meet and greet
17:55 – Aliens confirmed!
20:12 – Weird biomutant
24:01 – Probably very secret lab
25:35 – First attempt at getting the sword firmware
28:08 – Successful attempt
34:17 – Triads are waiting
36:47 – And a new mission
40:15 – Getting inside
41:25 – Daedalus calling
45:24 – Very stupid death
52:15 – Getting to the Ambrosia RnD
1:00:27 – Less successful confrontation with Ms Chow
1:02:59 – Testing the perils of Grey Death destruction
1:05:15 – For reals this time
1:09:30 – Tracer tong is conspirologist

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