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Let’s duck around in Deus Ex – part 9 – Lost in New York

  • Ducky 

Realistic Difficulty!

Getting lost in New York is bad thing, but when there’s a martial law and all members of the Majestic 12 are looking for your blood is far worse. That’s why JC Denton is there. Looking for ways to communicate with Illuminati member, that defected and wants to stop UNATCO from spreading the virus all over the planet. The meeting could have been easier of not under the nose of UNATCO. A bit of old and boring genocide incoming.

Courtesy of Graphical design – MrsAngryDucky:

2:18 – Paul lives!
4:03 – Alex is here
5:45 – Tracer Tong needs to explain us about Illuminati
7:48 – Jock, off we go
9:52 – First casualty
12:46 – Getting a contract to kill UNATCO spy
15:05 – First part of police genocide commence
22:12 – You can’t be a reporter and a spy
24:25 – Cleaning up sewers for no reason
32:38 – Going into the smuggler’s den
35:37 – Smuggler himself
39:59 – Cleaning up Ton Hotel for no reason other than I’m lost
45:12 – Chatting with every patron in the bar
50:06 – Finally I found that Illuminati guy
52:24 – Decided to prepare for war
1:03:30 – Got into position and second genocide
1:10:10 – Off to the Naval base

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