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Let’s duck around in Fallout 4 – part 14 – Sea of glowing death

Going to Glowing sea is not a fun experience. Radiation, scorpions, ghouls, fanatical lunatics, radiation, enormous bugs, radiation. But it was worth it! If it’s not to save Shaun, Duck needs to avenge him at least. For now we’ve got to cross glowing sea and look for a particular scientist in there.

1:16 – Deathclaw
3:10 – Second atempt
3:32 – Super Mutants and some random settler
5:26 – Vicious stray dogs
6:37 – Some random guy in the middle of nowhere
7:51 – Entering Glowing sea
13:23 – Colony of looneys
17:45 – Curiously strong bugs
24:07 – Cave of Virgil
31:28 – New thing to kill to get to Shaun

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