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Let’s duck around in Fallout 4 – part 17 – Institutionalizing myself

Teleportation is a delicate matter and making one man building a whole teleportation device is somewhat bold move to make. Thankfully, Brotherhood of Steel has Duck McDuckson, who aces the goal and not only builds the device, but finds all the missing parts too! Though, in the Institute he has to talk to a man, who calls himself Father. A man, who no longer can call himself McDuckson.
0:46 – Debriefing with Maxson
5:55 – Debriefing with Ingram
9:31 – First steps at building teleporter
14:11 – Gone scavenging
15:33 – Mysterious shack
16:32 – Mysterious trailer
17:38 – Mysteriously hostile scavenger
21:12 – How to avoid responsibilities
23:43 – Bunkers are bad for your health
27:14 – Back to building site
31:03 – Another mission from Maxson
34:04 – Standing on teleporter and going to the Institute
39:17 – Synth-Shaun
40:13 – Meeting Father
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