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Let’s duck around in Fallout 4 – part 18 – Covert operations specialist

Brotherhood of Steel finest covert operations specialist Duck McDuckson successfully infiltrates the Institute and gets everything sorted out.. Retrieving Maddison Li (god knows, I’d leave her to fiery death) finding serum for Briam Virgil and all of that – without raising a suspicion! Shaun is already dead to his father.

0:50 – Meeting first specialist
3:12 – Bioscience lab
9:46 – Advanced Systems
18:51 – That weird part of the Institute
21:57 – Security assaultron is being taken on!
26:50 – Worst secret held by the Institute
34:45 – Taking Dr Li for the Brotherhood
37:26 – Unsuccessful escape from the Institute
41:00 – Synth retention center
44:00 – Successful escape from the Institute

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