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Let’s duck around in Fallout 4 – part 19 – Am I a paladin yet?!

Turns out, that bringing Dr. Madisson Li and Proctor Ingram together was not enough. Turns out, that nothing in this wasteland can be achieved without Duck’s help. Now we’re on the quest to make Liberty Prime (or what left of it) functioning again. And the most infuriating thing of it – I need to build bloody actuators! Like Ingram and Li don’t have their own initiates and they need a Knight operative to do maintennance work.

0:16 – Reporting to Elder Maxson
2:15 – Experience of a lifetime
2:53 – reporting to Ingram
4:36 – Meet Liberty Prime
7:07 – Mr Charmer doing his job
11:15 – Resupply time
14:21 – Ingram and Li are jerks
17:17 – Going on a salvage trip
21:40 – Abandoned hospital
25:42 – Interrogation methods
29:41 – Improved interrogation methods
32:10 – Back at airport
33:26 – Farewell words

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