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Let’s duck around in Fallout 4 – part 20 – Glowing sea, here I go again!

Building actuators is one thing. It’s tedious busywork, but it has nothing compared to resupplying Liberty Prime with pre-war model Nukes from pre-war facility in – you guessed it! – the Glowing sea. This time Dogmeat and Duck will have a whole underground bunker to explore and some lunatic from Children of Atom to overcome. Next timewe start Liberty Prime and deliver some freedom and democracy to the Commonwealth and to the Institute!

0:47 – Debriefing with Ingram
4:46 – Out to the Brotherhood outpost
7:36 – Weird Mirelurk Altar
9:27 – Knight and Courser
12:41 – Outpost
13:24 – And we’ve been interrupted
14:30 – And some super mutants
16:03 – Back to business
17:35 – Off to a good start
22:35 – Entering the facility
25:12 – Aborting Launch Sequence
27:24 – First ghoul encountered
31:34 – Company of ghouls
33:35 – Camera doing derp
36:16 – Meeting Brother Henri (the lunatic)
40:15 – Found them
41:45 – Last ghoul for today
42:51 – Making sure everything’s ready and debriefing with Ingram

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