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Let’s duck around in Fallout 4 – part 21 – Good night, sweet Paladin

After Liberty Prime is Liberated and primed, Duck thaught, that it’ll amke him a paladin of the brotherhood. Turned out, that Maxson and Danse had slightly different oppinion on that occasion. Though Maxson is arrogant hipster, Danse will be forever remembered as a hero we don’t deserve. Oh, and Brian Virgil got better.

3:33 – News of betrayal
4:10 – Maxson being a jerk
7:09 – Planning with Quinlan
10:47 – Figuring out location of the traitor with Haylen
13:31 – Off I go…
14:14 – Off I go again to make justice
15:44 – Battle with protectrons
18:27 – Danse becomes a hero
24:07 – Visit to Brian Virgil
27:28 – Debriefing and new mission
29:48 – New mission details

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