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Let’s duck around in Fallout 4 – part 22 – Why am I still doing all the work?

After considering this whole escaped synth Danse thing, we can safely say, thet it wasn’t the Institute, who infiltrated the Brotherhood, but it was the Railroad. And they are going to pay for making everyones’ lives miserable by sticking synths everywhere. The episode turned to be rather dark, but hey, at least we’re moving somewhere and we might destroy the Institute in the nearest future.

1:40 – Going in guns blazing
6:09 – Knock-knock
8:35 – Going for the HQ
14:49 – Fate of P.A.M.
17:33 – Debriefing with Kells
19:53 – Ingram again
22:19 – Becoming the enemy to the Institute
23:22 – Vertibird flight
25:50 – Descending to the battle
30:04 – Uneventful conclusion

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