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Let’s duck around in Fallout 4 – part 23 – Mass Fusion from the inside

  • Ducky 

Mass Fusion today is corrupted bny synth influence and bad wiring, but the security system is just fine and in perfect working order. That’s why Duck, Dogmeat (and Ingram sometimes) need all the Jet they could get. Two assaultrons, sentry bot, army of synths is nothing to people, who are eager to get their hands on berillium actuator to start up Liberty Prime and finally go and kick some Institute.

0:40 – I’m in the mainframe!
3:22 – Battle with the synts. And we’re on the elevator
7:55 – Second battle with the synths
11:10 – Reached reactor level
12:50 – Battle with assaultrons
18:37 – Going into the reactor core
20:48 – Sentry Bot
23:47 – Final security measures
26:18 – Helping the Brotherhood to clear the synths out
28:53 – Intermission to fix Power Armor
30:11 – Another jump from the Prydwen
32:25 – Climbing up on the Prime to Prime the Prime (Hello, Klub)

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