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Evolve your games

  • Ducky 
Duck in Games
Duck in Games
Evolve your games

Hey you! Yes, you! You need to make the games to evolve! I know that you don’t make any games and you are here to play them, but you can endorse developers and publishers to make changes to your favorite game franchises. Consider making an objective review of the game if you will, waiting for the sale to buy the game or even telling those game jornos, that they are wrong for praising the game to have no change since the last installment.

If we do that we might not get any more cloned Fifa games or calls of duties, that look like the same game over and over. And we might have genres moving towards being something better than they are now. You know how I know it? I was trying to grasp the phenomenon of JRPGs, the thing, that didn’t evolve for so long, that it took Final Fantasy 15 (fifteen!) to change something in combat and make it right. So let’s look at Final Fantasy a bit closer and pretend that we’re hip and we replay the 7-th installment.

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