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Follow-up episode where we right our wrongs.

  • Ducky 
Duck in Games
Duck in Games
Follow-up episode where we right our wrongs.

Sometimes it is good to stop what you’re doing and look back. To rethink something and to admit that things have changed, you might have changed and your perspective changed. This is the episode where we do just that: we try and make things right. I talk about 3 major episodes in history of Duck in Games podcast:

1. Gamers who play games The anniversary 50-th episode of Duck in Games podcast

2. In space no one can hear you being bored The episode about Alien: Isolation

3. The first ever episode of Duck in games. Yes, we have come a long way.

And we take some time to correct most of the things that went wrong in those episodes. Or maybe just reinforce the statements with new knowledge we gained through the experience. Tune in to find out!

This Episode became possible thanks to beautiful patrons:

  • Tomas Høgemark
  • Nathan Neumeister

Have fun, have a good time, come around to say hi. Throw me a mail to MrAngryDucky(at) if you want to share your own thoughts, and don’t forget to leave feedback. And if you have suggestions on what should I check out next – suggest them in your mail or in the Discord: