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Halo is the pinnacle of millenial shooters

  • Ducky 
Duck in Games
Duck in Games
Halo is the pinnacle of millenial shooters

All right, my fellow boomers, let’s get that Monster drinks out and have a good little chat about how new generation of people doesn’t appreciate everything ever and how we were the best ever generation that was so good, we sacrificed everything to make the best entertainment in the galaxy – watching football on TV! Remember though how we laughed at nerds and their stupid video games? Yeah! What a time to be alive!

*sips Monster drink*

But seriously, this episode is about Halo Combat Evolved. Boy it did evolve farther than I expected. In fact so far, that I felt myself turning into a boomer, who likes and knows how to play all those shooters, that were there in the 90-s and before even Half-Life. I still enjoyed Halo and I am still standing by it.

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