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In the rhythm of disco!

  • Ducky 
Duck in Games
Duck in Games
In the rhythm of disco!
Disco Elysium is a big game. It has ambitions, it has world, it has everything to grab your interest. In fact, it grabs the interest so much, that only while rendering the episode I thought, that I have never touched the aspect of fights in the game. RPG, where fighting is not even a tertiary thing. It’s so unimportant, that you can go through the game and never even physically oppose anyone. And you may still win at the game! Well… win as in… do whatever you feel like and not get punished for it.
So yeah, the whole episode is about one single game – Disco Elysium and why you should get it for yourself and play it. You will not regret it.

You wouldn’t believe me, would you? But they were making everything they could to build the immersive sim and save the most amount of money in the process. Apparently it didn’t work well and the more they researched, the less their games were the exciting worlds to dwell in and the more boring checkbox ticking events. Want to know more? It’s in the podcast.

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