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How to read promo-materials

  • Ducky 

Well, there is a thing there – promotional leaflets, that offer something for preorder or extra-edition. But do we really know anything about this gaame at this point? Maybe. Let’s try and read the promo of Vampire the Maskerade: Bloodlines 2 Have fun, have a good time, come around to say hi. Comment if you want to share your own thoughts, and don’t forget to leave feedback. And if you have suggestions on what should I check out next – suggest them in the comments or in the Discord: 

Distressed Princesses and crippled controls

  • Ducky 

Legend of Zelda, Phantom Hourglass by Nintendo could have been a very interesting and good game, fondly remembered and praised for the new theme for the story.
But then Marketing decided, that they need to make unbearable controls.
This game is obscure and alone now.
Don’t do this to your games.