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Tales of Monkey Island: Dead monkeys tell no tales

  • Ducky 
Duck in Games
Duck in Games
Tales of Monkey Island: Dead monkeys tell no tales
This quacker is back with another rant about how good was back in the days and how bad things are now, right? Wrong! I have proof that modernized installment of the well-established franchise is inferior to its origins. And I can back it up not with just my own thoughts and impressions, but also with an objective result of it: Secret of Monkey Island is more widely known than Tales of Monkey Island.

So yeah. There is a distinct lack of something in the Tales of Monkey Island and I think I know what it is. And if you want to know too I am more than willing to share it with you because I have spent WEEKS trying to understand it not to make it disappear into the oblivion with me. Have this episode and enjoy!

This Episode became possible thanks to beautiful patrons:

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