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TeS4: Oblivion. The game that we don’t deserve

  • Ducky 
Duck in Games
Duck in Games
TeS4: Oblivion. The game that we don't deserve
We deserve much better! We deserve more! We should be able to play a game that has more work put into it, that has less unbelievable things that break immersion in it. We deserve more and we deserve it better. And we got Skyrim. Yeah… About that…
But this podcast is about Oblivion, it is about comparing Oblivion to Morrowind, which is better and Skyrim, which is also better, to try and figure out what was so wrong about the Oblivion, that it is rarely remembered as a game but mostly for some history and facts about the imperial province of Cyrodiil. And I think we can grasp it, guys!

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