Untitled Goose Game: Goose stole my gameplay!

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Untitled Goose Game: Goose stole my gameplay!

You know how people always argue, that the gameplay is more important than any kind of story, then some degenerate appears that says that the graphics is the thing to go, but they never even anticipated THE GOOSE! The Untitled Goose Game appeared and proved once and for all – gameplay and the story both matter, because Goose game had nothing to offer in both. But people did have fun with it and people still care about it! How can I say, that UGG has nothing?! Well, my friend, the game has a gimmick. It has nothing to do with the gameplay or story.

This Episode became possible thanks to beautiful patrons:

  • Heather Welch
  • Tomas Høgemark
  • Nathan Neumeister

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