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What to play and how to play it

  • Ducky 
Duck in Games
Duck in Games
What to play and how to play it
During these uneasy times when we have to stay for a while in the house and play games with no way of getting to the bar and having a very adult drink to quite adult-ly lose control over the actions till we can’t remember anything the next day it is important to know what kind of games do you play and what levels of interactivity in your games you prefer. Maybe you are really into those TV shows, where you have no control over the situation, or maybe you are one of those creative personalities who loves to build giant golden cocks (roosters if you’re from the US) in Minecraft?
I’m saying that it’s about time we explore the ways you play and the games you prefer to know yourself better. And – hopefully – to decide what you like to play so you never again buy a game and learn that it’s not what you have expected.

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